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Dave Story: Mystery Man in Honduras
Dave Carlson - August 3, 2005

If I ever write an auto-biography, this story most likely will be there. It is a story about my life I thought you might find interesting. Many times when I tell my stories, people say, “You should write a book about that.” So, here’s a start…

Mystery Man

1993 Honduras -- One morning, while I was stationed with the US Army in Honduras, I went to breakfast as usual and met a nice outgoing young man who just arrived on the installation. He was in his mid twenties and looked like he was in the military, but was one of the few people who did not wear a uniform.

Later that day, one of my sergeants told me we had to move all of our supplies out of a storage container right away. When I checked into the situation, I found the young man I met at breakfast had a letter from the installation commander giving him authority to task anything or anyone on the installation. When I asked him who he was and what he was doing in the area, he just smiled at me and said, “Sorry, can’t tell you.”

He was around the area for about a week. He would take off shortly after breakfast and be gone until very late at night -- sometime did not return until breakfast time. The guard at the dining facility told me he showed up every morning with a different identity.

One evening a unique C-130 (big transport airplane) landed at the airfield. It was painted to look like a cloud and had absolutely no external markings -- not even a tail number or the normal maintenance messages stenciled on most aircraft. When it landed it stayed in the middle of the runway -- it did not even pull to a taxiway. That night the plane was surrounded by ten bright floodlight sets and dozens of armed guards.

Early the next morning the plane left with our mystery guest, along with all the unknown items he had in my storage facility. We never did find out anything about him or the airplane. Was he military, CIA, DEA, or from some secret organization that would have to kill us if we ever found out about them? Guess that will remain an unsolved mystery.


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