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Get Information You Need
Through Police And Public Records

Doug G White - Feb 17, 2009

Search Police Records

Ever wondered if someone you know has been on the wrong side of the law? Generally police records are a form of public records and can contain a wealth of information about someone. Public records are maintained by a government agency and are normally specific to each individual. You can obtain a thorough background check on someone simply by accessing these records.

What type of information will you find in a police record?

These may include any criminal activity which the person has been involved in, including theft, fraud, stalking etc… They will also include any criminal investigations which the person has been involved in – even if they were never convicted of a crime. You will also find information on traffic tickets and accidents etc…

The information in these records will also contain identifying information on all persons involved in a particular case, such as witnesses and third parties. It will contain their full names, addresses, phone number, social security number and generally any other identifying information.

Where can you obtain such thorough police records?

The answer to this question varies greatly between different states, and even different jurisdictions (City-to-city). In some cities it may be free available, while in other towns or cities it is only available to the parties involved. Some have long waiting periods to obtain such information, while others have it readily available with the identifying information removed. Some are free, while others charge a hefty fee.

All requests for this type of police records are made through the records division of the reporting agency. Some of these agencies may have online facilities while others may need you to go see them in person and fill out a physical application form. Some may even make you sign a disclaimer stating that you will not use the information for solicitation purposes In either case there is almost always a processing fee.

In all instances where requesting this information, you will be required to provide the First and Last name of at least one of the parties involved, the date and location of the incident and some even require you to provide them with the case number.

Some jurisdictions have combined all their crime information in a single database with the surrounding jurisdictions. This will give you access to crime areas, who is in jail, search for arrest warrants and even search for information on registered sex offenders. Most of this type of information is available immediately online.

Regardless of your intention for obtaining police records, always start with finding who has jurisdiction over the incident. Then find out exactly what that particular police agencies' requirements are for obtaining such information, and then follow it exactly the way they want you to. This will give you the best chance of retrieving such crime reports quickly.

Obtaining police records across multiple jurisdictions

Your investigation can become especially tricky where it involves a person that has lived in more than one state or jurisdiction. To simplify your investigation, specialized people search engines have been developed. Companies such as People Finder 101 will allow you to get comprehensive information on any person, regardless of the state or jurisdiction they have been living in. You get a multi-state search across the entire country to include all public records, including criminal records, background checks, all police records etc… Using a specialized service as this can save you a lot of time, as you do not have to worry about tracking down and then working with each individual police agency.

So, whether you would like to track down an old family friend, find out what your new friend's criminal background contains or simply want to find someone who was involved in an accident with you, an online background check using police records will likely be your answer.


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