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Resolving Conflict: Steps to Follow
Dave Carlson - March 11, 2009

Dr. Ken Pierce, Do, MS, CPE offered professional advice about steps to follow to resolve conflict. Conflict management can be an effective management tool.
  1. The offended individual should discuss their concerns privately with the individual who offended them. This discussion should take place just between the two individuals.

  2. If the offended individual is not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion, a peer (not a supervisor) should be brought in to the discussion. The peer should be perceived as neutral by both parties to assure that neither party feels they are being ganged up on.

  3. If this discussion does not result in a satisfactory resolution, a manager (e.g., team leader, supervisor, or chairman) should be brought in to the discussion to facilitate a resolution. Higher levels of leadership or authority should be engaged only as necessary, and only after attempts to resolve the conflict at lower levels have failed.

  4. At no time should either party to the conflict attempt to rally support or broaden the audience to gain support for their position.

  5. Either party to the conflict may take the initiative and choose to involve a peer or a manager in the discussion to help facilitate a resolution.


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