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Sources of Organizational Stress
Dave Carlson - February 21, 2013

There are many sources of stress in an organization. The primary categories are discomfort stress, performance stress, and disjunctive stress.

Discomfort Stress
  • Complexity of environment relative to time, energy, and abilities of group
  • Uncertainty in environment telative to forecasting skill
Performance Stress
  • Relative importance of attainment of success versus avoidance of failure
  • Experience: Knowledge of outcomes of past decisions
  • Preferences, goals, and aspiration levels
  • Intra-organizational manipulation of incentives and pressures
  • Newness of group members in their roles
Disjunctive Stress
  • Norms and expectations with respect to communication, coordination, and conflict
  • Perceived divergence and conflict in preferences and goals
  • Perceived divergence and conflict in outcomes of activity

Sources of Organizational Stress.
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Sources of Organizational Stress

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