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Eight Reasons Why
You Need a Website Now!

Dave Carlson - April 19, 2004

  1. Save Money. Instead of paying for large ads, simply advertise your Web address. Include all the information about the business on your site. Instead of paying for postage to mail your customers information about new products, simply e-mail them and direct them to your site.
  2. Make Money. Expand your distribution channel and sell your products on-line. Your customers will love the convenience. You even can sell ads on your site to make money.
  3. Save Time. Don't spend hours on the phone explaining to your customers what products and services you offer or giving directions to your store, direct them to your website.
  4. Be Flexible. Change the content as your business changes. No need for expensive reprints of brochures.
  5. Be Professional. Just as all businesses have telephones, today most customers expect you to have a website.
  6. Reach Customers. You will reach more local customers and expand state, national and global markets.
  7. Educate Customers. Tell about the benefits of your products and services. Include frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers. Display glowing testimonials from your customers to help excite more customers.
  8. Look Big. The Internet is an equal-opportunity market. Your small business can have an Internet presence that makes you look HUGE.

"We have some great specials each week," said Joe (a small business owner) to George (a regular customer). "Great, I'll remember to check your Website each week to see your specials. What's your Web address?" "Ummm, we don't have one, yet. They're too expensive to set up and besides I don't really understand how it all works," responded Joe.

George replied "I know someone who can make one for less than $1,000." "That sounds great, but $1,000 is my advertising budget for several months!"

After hearing what's your website address? for the tenth time that week, Joe decided he really needed to set up one. Joe called us, exasperated. "I need to have a website set up, but only have a limited budget to spend. And to be honest, I don't know that much about the whole Internet thing. Can you help?" "Of course we can," was our response.

We spent an hour talking to Joe, getting all the information about what the site should look like and what details should to be included. And within two weeks, Joe's website was up and running.

The good news: Joe now is spending less money promoting the store, because he includes his Web address in his ads. The Web provides customers with all the information that previously had to be included in the ads.


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