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Wireless Security of Your Computer
Ean Morgan (edited by Dave Carlson) - June 02, 2011

If you have a home network or have a small network in your office, you must know how to check wireless security of your wireless network. Technology has been evolving rapidly and so has wireless security. You need to employ new method of wireless encryption to block hackers from accessing the network and important data. Typically, wireless security settings are established with the installation and set up of the router. It's very important to scrutinize your wireless security occassionally. When you add a new computer or device to your wireless network area, it's very important to make sure that there is maximum protection from malicious objects.

When it is time to check the wireless security of your computer, you have two options: 1) Perform the task on your own or 2) Get help from a computer repair service provider. If you want to check the wireless security on your own, you must understand various types of wireless security. Basically, there are three types of wireless security.

  1. WEP, which stands for "wired equivalent privacy"
  2. WPA, which is short for "Wi-Fi protected access"
  3. WPA-2, which is the recommended wireless security setting for most laptops, computers, and home networks.

Once you have a basic understanding of wireless security types, you need to access the wireless security settings of your router. There are various types of routers and each router comprises a different way to access the settings. It is always recommended to explore the manufacturer's website to have better information on how to access security settings page of the router. The easiest way to perform this task is to click on "start," and then access the "network." The network tab will be displayed in Windows Explorer. Right click on the router, and find the "properties." Here the manufacturer's website address will be displayed. After getting into the website of the manufacturer, choose your particular model and brand of router.

WPA-2 is the most secure form of wireless security and it is strongly recommended to set your wireless security to WPA-2. In the security settings page of your wireless router you can find existing security settings of the router. If you find these settings are not currently set to WPA-2, just select it from the drop down menu.

These are some simple ways to check wireless security of your computer. Make sure your network is protected, as it is the most important criterion to protect your important and sensitive data.


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