Other DynoTech Software Products

* Fruit Saver Screen Saver (FREEWARE):

Grab a copy of the Fruit Cakes "Fruit Saver" screen saver and watch this game play by itself.

* Shareware Order Form [Screen Shot (30K, 640x452x256 GIF)]:

Attention Shareware Authors: VB source code available to add order form to your program. This sample (no source code) is the order form DynoTech has used to sell shareware in over 70 countries.

Buy Shareware Order Form Source Code.

Buy 'Order Form' Buy Order Form for $19.95.
Use secure online ordering system.
No shipping charge - download & use today!

* Wrestling Screen Saver (FREEWARE):

Amateur Wrestling Fans: Download a copy of the FREE screen saver. Watch a picture of wrestlers float around your screen.

* DynoTech Software Catalog:

Screen shots, descriptions of DynoTech Software products, and order forms.

FREE FastMIDI Player

FREEWARE MIDI player for Windows. This free program automatically plays MIDI files in a user-selected directory. There is nothing fancy about this program, but...it's FREE! Download file included ten classical MIDI songs. Requires: 386; 2MB RAM; Windows, Windows 95, or OS/2 WARP; Sound Card w/MIDI. [FREEWARE]

Bible for Windows

Complete King James Version of the Bible in Windows help format. The files that are necessary for this software are bible_nt.hlp, bibleot1.hlp, and bibleot2.hlp. Minimum Requirement: A computer with Windows. [Public Domain]


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